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DIY Liquid Castile Soap

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Castile soap by definition is a soap made completely with vegetable fats.  With the exception of our milk soaps, all of our soaps are castile soaps. 

When I was at the store several weeks ago, I saw a tiny bottle of peppermint liquid castile soap selling for a ridiculous amount of money.  Well, ridiculous for the amount of profit being made by the manufacturer when compared to the amount in the bottle.  I went directly home and posted a how-to link about making your own liquid castile.  I don't make it exactly like they do in the article.  I use slightly less water.  So, with that being said, here are a few easy steps to making your own liquid castile soap.

1) Cut half of a bar of our Plain Jane Soap into small pieces.

2) Boil two cups of filtered water.

3) Once the water is at a hard boil, remove from heat and pour it over the small pieces of soap in a heat safe, glass bowl.

4) Let soap pieces melt while stirring occasionally.  The melting process can take the better part of an hour, but after a few stirs, you can let it sit while nature takes it's course.

5) (optional) While the liquid castile is still warm, but not hot since overheated essential oils can lose their aroma, add a few drops your favorite skin safe oils. 

Once it has cooled, you have a whole lot of liquid castile soap which is great for bathing, DIY shampoo recipes, homemade cleaners, and a whole host of other uses-- for a fraction of the cost!

There you have it.  Easy, peasy. 

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