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Bath Accessories

Soap dishes, poufs

Bath Accessories

  • Bathe Happy | Sisal Soap Pouch
    Bathe Happy | Sisal Soap Pouch
    Our sisal soap pouch is a great way to make your bar of soap useful to the very last sliver, but it also gently polishes away dry skin while you wash. The adjustable draw string makes it convenient and easy to use while...
  • Bathe Happy | Mesh Soap Saver
    Bathe Happy | Mesh Soap Saver
    Looking for a way to make your soap good to the last sliver? Give one of our high quality, full size soap saver mesh pouches a try! Our mesh soap saver includes a draw string to help hold your bar in, no matter how little is...
  • Bathe Happy | Soap Dish
    Bathe Happy | Soap Dish
    No more soggy soap! Prolong the life of your soap by allowing your soap to dry between uses with a soap dish! This 7"x4" bamboo soap dish is both stylish and functional!

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